What is OTrack?

OTrack is a package that processes GPS data which has been collected by any GPS device. OTrack analyses this data to provide you with performance information and will tell you where you were at any time on a map of the area.

OTrack Features

  • Display your route on the relevant map (or blank sheet).
  • Compare your route with the route taken by others.
  • Analyse your fitness (time in heart rate zones, time in speed zones).
  • Analyse your performance (leg split analysis).
  • Analyse how route choice affects your results.
  • Coaches can download your GPS data while you are warming down and discuss it with you within minutes.
  • Use GPS data from any GPS unit. OTrack will direct connect to Garmin, Magellan and SPI 10 devices. OTrack can also load data from files in GPX format.
  • Time lapse display of up to 5 runners on the same course.
  • Create a time lapse display and mail it to your friends or post it on the web.

Who is it For?

OTrack was initially designed for orienteering where it is important for the athlete and coach to be able to reflect on where the athlete went in the context of the map. However, OTrack can be used by anyone who wishes to analyse what they did in a training session or event. This includes street runners and walkers, cross country, bike riders, circuit runners, etc.