OTrack will let you answer questions like the following.  What it can tell you is up to your imagination.

Where did I go?

OTrack takes the data from your GPS unit and displays it on your map. You can also load the data from other runners and compare your route selection with theirs.

What was I doing?

At any point during your session OTrack can tell you how far you have travelled, how fast you are going, how much climb you have done, etc. You can also see what other runners were doing at a the same time in their session. OTrack displays the time line information and your corresponding position on the map at that time.

What were my Leg Splits?

OTrack can provide leg split analysis directly from the GPS data. You do not need any other electronic punching data. A leg is the section of your GPS track that you define and could be between two street corners, the top and bottom of a hill, home and the furthest point out, successive loops of a circuit, etc.